Bell AH-1Z Viper - DreamModel 1/72 - Helicopter Model

PLASMO - plastic models

PLASMO - plastic models

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Bell AH-1Z Viper - DreamModel 1/72 - Helicopter Model
Bell AH-1Z Viper - DreamModel 1/72 - Helicopter Model
Bell AH-1Z Viper - DreamModel 1/72 - Helicopter Model
Bell AH-1Z Viper - DreamModel 1/72 - Helicopter Model
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-18 14:11:13

good job,... but looks too much rusted body

Casual Crawlers
2023-09-12 03:42:48

When you pulled out those rivet sheets was when I realized I need to see the optician!

Donald Parlett
2023-09-12 02:53:07

The dirty look is sooo true. I was in Army Aviation back in the 80s and I can attest they get really filthy from maintenance in the field. The rivets are true flush riveting was to give you speed but it adds to the cost and work to accomplish. Well done sir.

2023-09-11 14:43:02

Back in the day everything was made with raised rivets, so we sanded them away to redo the riveting.
Now we fill all the rivets to raise them.

Major Shaker
2023-09-06 05:59:06

Nazdár Dávid, prosím ťa, to epoxidové MpazZjHd5ug&t=18m10s 18:10 je epoxy lepidlo (glue) alebo epoxy tmel (putty)? Lebo hovoríš, že je to tmel.

steven romero
2023-09-02 22:31:43

The Iron Cross is really a Maltese Cross. What's the difference ?. Department of Defense would have a Cow if it was an Iron Cross. Now that it is a Maltese Cross...... No problem !. HMLA 169 Vipers. No Attack Like a Light Attack.
Outstanding !. The World's Finest US Marine Aviation. Semper Fi.

Excellent job. Never knew about the rivet decals.

race logics
2023-09-01 22:12:48

This shit is just on a new level

harel bracha
2023-08-22 17:12:42

hey plasmo when is your next model come out??

2023-08-22 10:04:07

Where is the abandoned airliner you teased in your Tu-154 video 3 years ago?😆

Yohan Saulnier
2023-08-21 17:31:34

Sorry I not speak english. très beau travail. beau résultat👍👍👍

Max Webster
2023-08-18 23:49:05

Please do an f22!!!!!

2023-08-18 04:17:37

i flipped out at rivets placing and at hand made m114 ogives. Jesus christ man, you are an artist.

Bastian Sachs
2023-08-15 20:55:39

Stupid question. But where are you from?

melvin mardok
2023-08-15 10:00:50

hi. please, what is the song of the end of the video ????

2023-08-14 14:37:26


free spirit 1
2023-08-13 21:57:31

I LOVED the rivet addition! Your models are so well done and I love how you strive for accuracy.
If you really want to go next level you could vacuum form your own cockpit canopy out of PETG, so it doesn't look so thick.

Jon Barlow
2023-08-13 16:56:20

Love all your videos, so you've made me jump in at the deep end and buy the UK Oshkosh tanktransporter. My question is what the beat start-up affordable airbrush I can buy? And would appreciate it if you can do a video for people who wants to start modelling x thanks for all your video they keeps me entertained

Antônio Carlos Marques Correa
2023-08-13 15:08:45


Hangar del Modelista
2023-08-12 18:16:12


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