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WE LEFT EMIRATES - First Day OUT of DUBAI! What's Next?!


Well.. WE MOVED from DUBAI !! Our trip of 29 hours took us to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽! In this video we show you our arrival in Mexico and our first days as officially unemployed 🙈!! A lot of emotions are present here, after our resignation from Emirates and the adapting to a whole new lifestyle and culture! Dig into the video and keep us company in all of this! We actually feel more "at home" and accompanied with the presence of all of YOU. So thank you all for that 🙏🏽 We hope you enjoy it! Love & Peace ❤️ /Nathalie & Stefano

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates In 8K ULTRA HD HDR 60 FPS.


This video was created for educational, entertainment, and informative purposes and as a demo for 4K /8K TV sets. The editing process is one of the most difficult steps in creating a quality video. THIS VIDEO WAS RE-EDITED IN HDR 10 STANDARD AND COLOR CORRECTED (HIGH COLOR CORRECTION, COLOR GRADING, ADJUSTED THE BLACKS, ADJUSTED THE HIGHLIGHTS AND THE SATURATION). To watch this video in real HDR, you should use a 4K /8K HDR television set. If you have a HDR TV, you'll find your TV automatically switches to an HDR mode when playing HDR content. If not, switch the TV to HDR manually. Also, the latest smartphones can play HDR videos. This technology improves video image quality by expanding the contrast ratio and color range. The result is a more realistic and natural image with richer colors, brighter whites, deeper blacks, and plenty of detail for dark, shadowy scenes. Do not copy and re-upload this video, footage and music has copyright. MUSIC CREDITS: 🔻 "Scott Buckley - Freedom" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) 🤍 Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 🔺 Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) Year: 2021 Title: No More Running Away 🤍 INSTAGRAM- 🤍 BUSINESS ENQUIRY- wandererarrowofficial🤍 Copyright information:- ▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed. ▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me. ▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License. 8k,4k,HDR,ultraHD,16k,32k,8k videos,8kvideos,OLEDTV,8ktv,4k tv,120fps,60fps,TVHD,HD,FULL HD,Beautiful videos,dubai,UAE,4k video,8k video ultra hd,4k,8k,business ideas,youtube profit,education,educational,hosting,8K VIDEO,8K REAL FOOTAGE,8K HDR 60FPS,8K 60FPS,8K HDR,8K UHD,8K VIDEOS,Demo 8K ULTRA HD,8k youtube business,8k business,youtube profit ideas,youtube income,income money,loans,business ideas youtube,united arab emirates,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 8K,8K ULTRA HD,8K VIDEO ULTRA HD,DUBAI,UAE,8K DEMO,8K CANON,8K SONY,8K SAMSUNG,8K TOUR,8K TRAVEL,FAMILY,FRIENDLY,8K EMIRATES,8K OLED,beautiful,4k,drone,snap,footage,dji,mavic,air,pro,city,nature,architecture,HD,drohne,above,from,by,dronesnap,aerial,Dubai,Emirates,United Arab Emirates,Arab,Arabian,nights,Burj,Khalifa,al Arab,al,Burj Khalifa,Burj al Arab,Atlantis,The Palm,desert,sand,skyline,skyscraper,saudi,arabia,uae,abu dhabi,abu dabi,ferrari world,louvre,loover abu dhabi,corniche,capital uae,Abu Dhabi 4K,Business News,business class,flight,airbus a380,UK Original Video,air show,UAE,economy class,dubai,plane,emirates,first class,airplane,Business Insider,abu dhabi,abu dhabi city,abu dhabi culture,hotels in abu dhabi,abu dhabi sightseeing,abu dabi,abu dhabi facts,abu dhabi preco,abu dhabi hotel,Leaning tower of Pisa,Dubai,Zemtv,capital gate,hyatt capital gate,capital gate leaning,leaning tower of abu dhabi,sheikh zayed,abu dhabi khalifah,free,dubai,skydive dubai,salto en paracaidas,emiratos arabaes,united arab emirates,palm,skydiving,epic,unforgetable,latina,viajar,travel,world,world traveler,vlog,vlogger,blog,blogger,travel blogger,travel vlogger,epic experiencie,nature,ocean,sea,the palm jumeirah,incredible,freedom,mundo,abu dhabi,burj al arab,al jabal villaje,dunes safari dubai,burj khalifa,dubai greek,ferrari world abu dhabi,sheikh yazed mosque,Abu Dhabi Prince Car Collection,abu dhabi prince cars,abu dhabi prince car collection 2020,crown prince of abu dhabi car collection,crown prince of abu dhabi,Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan car collection,Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan cars,Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,dubai,billionaires,united arab emirates,royal family,richest people in dubai,dubai billionaires,dubai cars,oil,dubai documentary,supercars,Things You'll Only See In Dubai,dubai real estate,richest person,top 10,viral,newTheRichest,dubai,tallest building,dubai frame,aladdin city,dubai islands,fake islands,7-star hotel,amazing buildings,Burj Khalifa,Rotating Skyscraper,Museum of the Future,mega projects,dubai buildings,UAE,expensive construction,palm islands,Underwater train,Dubai Creek Tower,most expensive hotel,underwater train,gold,billions,millions,david guetta,david guetta live,dj mix,dj live,live show,dj set,david guetta live set,Dubai,Burj Al Arab,live event,live stream,dance music,burj al arab hotel,drops only,dubai city,live stream music,live events,dj set live,dj live performance,guetta memories,guetta live set

Dubai - The Most Luxurious City In The World


Join me, as I explore the luxury city of Dubai! Follow us! Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Dubai - The Most Luxurious City In The World The City Of Gold

Rondo X DUBAI (Official Video)


Rondo ”DUBAI” prod. NKO Listen to DUBAI: 🤍 Follow Rondo: 🤍 Follow Nko: 🤍 Subscribe to the YT Channel: 🤍 Rondo ”DUBAI” prod. NKO Rec e Mix voci: Manny Troublez Rec Assistant: Ivan Maletto Final Mix e Master: Marco Zangirolami Regia: Peter Marvu Project Supervisor: Davide De Meo Graphics: Alessandro Mezzalira & Serse Universe REAL MUSIC 4EVER

Dubai's Richest Kids New $50,000,000 Mansion and Cars !!!


Introducing Dubai’s most insane car collectible NFTs. A collection of 5,001 3D animated NFTs for the first time ever. Join the club for early access, offers and exclusive privileges. Be active in the community to win a position in the whitelist. Monsters by ZB Dubai Club is different from every other NFT project through our utility. Club members get rewarded with the most unbelievable giveaway to exist ever. One of the cars in the collection is a Nissan GTR. Get it and the real car is yours. WHITELIST IS OPEN! (Limited entries only) Link to join: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Ahmad : 🤍 MY CRYPTO CHANNEL : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 My Instagram : 🤍movlogs 🤍 My Email: movlogsbusiness🤍 My Arabic Channel : 🤍 Music Used : if any music is not credited please email me and i will make sure to give credit thank you :) Email movlogsbusiness🤍

The Darkside Of Dubai - What They Don't Tell You


In today's video we will talk about the Dark side of Dubai. Dubai is a refuge for a lavish lifestyle and world-class shopping, in addition to having the world's tallest building and valuable oil deposits. A typical Emirati lifestyle might include having the privilege of driving a Ferrari and having at least one maid per household. Furthermore, Dubai serves as a safe haven for Arabs fleeing authoritarian regimes in their own countries. However, there is a terrible reality hidden behind this dazzling exterior that the rest of the world may not be aware of: thousands of skyscrapers in Dubai are constructed by migrant workers! Over the 2014 Christmas holiday something interesting happened, Etihad Airways had a glitch fare from the States to Abu Dhabi for $230 roundtrip!  People all over the United States texted, tweeted, and called everyone they knew sharing the deal which resulted in a mass exodus of Americans headed to the United Arab Emirates. Arriving in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, many guests opted to take the complimentary hour long Etihad luxury shuttle to Dubai where they were greeted with towering modern skyscrapers, a vast highway filled with every luxury automobile imaginable and twinkling lights that filled the city. Naturally It was an array of visual stimulation, as Dubai is instantly entrancing. From the hotels to the restaurants and  of course the shopping, Dubai is a luxurious modern Oasis in the middle of the desert.   It’s hard not to fall in love. But behind the amazing service and awe striking architecture, there’s a darker side to Dubai that’s not on any brochure. Among other documentaries about Dubai’s not so glamorous uprising, BBC’s Ben Anderson spent months in Dubai trying to infiltrate the community of expatriate workers who are putting them up. According to Vice News, "what he discovered when he eventually got in was that the gem of the Arab world is almost entirely built on imported slave labor." Expats from Bangladesh and India are drawn to Dubai by promises of a better quality of life, greater income, and limitless chances. Workers are compelled to work 12 hour days for very little pay six days a week after paying high-priced illegal Visa fees and then being stripped of their passports. Their living conditions are terrible, and they're trapped on the gloomy outskirts of the new world's most dazzling metropolis. Expats from all over the world, especially from South Asia, make up more than 95% of Dubai's population. The majority of people have moved to Dubai with the hopes of a better future. However, their passports may be seized by airport security or companies upon arrival in an attempt to prevent them from leaving; and migrants are transferred to Sonapur, on the outskirts of Dubai, far from the city's flash and gloss. In the most basic accommodations, more than five people live in a tight room with limited access to power. Workers frequently become ill since the water supply in the camps is not purified. In addition, the rooms are typically plagued with rodents and insects due to a lack of ventilation! Employees have been obliged to accept whatever wages they are paid by their employers as a result of the government's refusal to intervene in pay regulation or establish minimum working standards for migrant workers. There isn't even a bureau where they can file complaints, and refusing to work might lead to deportation or worse, jail. Migrant workers are also compelled to work in oppressive heat, with temperatures regularly exceeding fifty degrees Celsius. The government closes down tourist attractions during excessive heat, but workers are required to continue working. As a result, it is unsurprising that the suicide rate among the Asian community in Dubai has been rising in recent years. On average, there are roughly two …



In this 2021 Dubai Travel Guide, we share with you everything you need to know on where to stay, how to get around Dubai, things to do in Dubai, and so much more. Check out my other Dubai Videos: 5 Best Things to do in Dubai: 🤍 Cost of Living in Dubai: 🤍 25 Things to do in Dubai: 🤍 BOOK THINGS TO DO IN DUBAI: Airport transfer Dubai: 🤍 Longest Urban Zipline: 🤍 Helicopter Tour Dubai: 🤍 Old Dubai Tour: 🤍 Desert Safari: 🤍 Visit the Burj Khalifa: 🤍 Dubai Mall - Aquarium: 🤍 Dubai Fountain: 🤍 Dubai Frame: 🤍 Dubai Marina: 🤍 Marina Beach - but called Jumeriah Buried Ghost Village: 🤍 Love Lakes: 🤍 Horseback Riding in the Desert: 🤍 Gold Souk: 🤍 Global Village: 🤍 (combo) Aquarium & waterpark: 🤍 Aquarium entrance: 🤍 Snorkeling the Aquairum: 🤍 Atlantis Waterpark: 🤍 More Travel Info: The best deals for travel insurance: 🤍 Excursion Bookings: 🤍 Packing & Camera Gear I use: 🤍 Protect your data with a VPN: 🤍 Tips to Save Money Traveling: 🤍 My Other Content: My website: 🤍 My Tiktok: 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍 Short Form Videos on Facebook: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📃Some links contain affiliate links which may result in a small commission for World Nomac LLC. Using these links does not cost you any extra money. The very small commission made from these links helps to sustain the longevity of this channel and is very much appreciated! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #dubai #dubaitravelguide #dubaitravelguide2021

David Guetta | United at Home - Dubai Edition


DONATE NOW ON 🤍 Stream/Download: 🤍 United At Home / Fundraising Live From Dubai Saturday February 6 • 3PM CET DUBAI 6PM • CAIRO 4PM • MOSCOW & RIYADH 5PM • MUMBAI 7:30PM • HONG KONG 10PM • TOKYO 11PM • PARIS 3PM • LONDON 2PM • NEW YORK 9AM #UnitedatHome #StayHome #WithMe 00:00 Intro 02:25 David Guetta feat Sia - Titanium (Future Rave Remix) 07:15 Camelphat & Will Easton - Witching Hour (David Guetta Rework 2020) 10:05 David Guetta - Play Hard (feat Ne-Yo & Akon) (Future Rave Remix) 13:18 David Guetta feat Sia - Let’s Love (Future Rave Remix) 16:10 David Guetta & MORTEN - Air 19:47 David Guetta & MORTEN - Dreams (feat Lanie Gardner) (extended) 23:32 Jack Back - Amsterdam 27:05 David Guetta feat Chris Willis - Love Is Gone (2020 David Guetta Remix) 29:30 David Guetta - You Can’t Change Me 34:45 Jack Back - Permanence 38:50 Oxia - Domino (2021 David Guetta Remix) 41:20 David Guetta & Kid Cudi - Memories (2021 Remix) 45:00 David Guetta feat AKON - Sexy Bitch (David Guetta Techy Remix) 48:34 Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) (David Guetta Remix) 51:56 David Guetta - When love takes over (feat Kelly Rowland) (Future Rave Remix) 55:00 David Guetta & MORTEN - Odyssey 59:37 Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) [David Guetta Rework] 01:03:30 Outro

IS DUBAI WORTH THE HYPE? Dubai Travel in 2022


The first 1,000 people to use the link or my code "adventuresingh" will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: 🤍 Should you travel to Dubai? Dubai is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world each month! Today we'll be traveling Dubai to find out if it's worth the hype! 🎦 Learn How To Film & Edit like me - 🤍 📸 Learn how to take awesome photos with your phone - 🤍 👀 My Photo Editing Presets - 🤍 Tools and services I recommend: 🎵The copyright-free music I use in all my videos (1 month free): 🤍 🏠 Hostels and budget accommodations - 🤍 📷MY VLOGGING GEAR ▸ Camera - 🤍 ▸ Main Lens: 🤍 ▸ Long Lens: 🤍 ▸ Under Water Camera: 🤍 ▸ Drone: 🤍 ▸ My Phone: 🤍 ▸ Microphone: 🤍 ▸ Editing Laptop: 🤍 Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you use that link to buy something, I get a small kickback at no extra cost to you. :) Follow the BTS: instagram: 🤍

Hoe Ridouan Taghi werd opgepakt in Dubai


Ridouan Taghi verkeerde in "totale shock" toen hij eind vorig jaar werd gearresteerd. Hij leek niet te kunnen geloven dat iemand zijn schuilplaats had ontdekt. Dat vertelt de politie van Dubai aan Nieuwsuur. Daarbij is nieuwe informatie gedeeld, inclusief een nieuwe foto van de 42-jarige Taghi, die kort na de arrestatie is gemaakt. Nieuwsuur reisde op uitnodiging van de politie naar het emiraat en sprak daar uitgebreid met de verantwoordelijke onderzoeksleiders en betrokken rechercheurs. Lees ook ons artikel: #Taghi #Marengo #arrestatie #Dubai Meer video’s? Abonneer, zet je belletje aan en laat een reactie achter. Volg ons ook op Instagram: 🤍 Nieuwsuur geeft verdieping en context. We controleren de macht. Respectvol en kritisch. Bij Nieuwsuur zie je indringende verhalen die je raken en aan het denken zetten.

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century


The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone. This is a reupload due to a copyright claim against an old footage of Bucharest I've used in the previous version. This should be fine now. Check out my Patreon tiers: 🤍 SOUNDTRACK COPYRIGHT Intuit256 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Picture I replaced the copyrighted footage with: 🤍 Attribution: FOTO:FORTEPAN / MHSZ

Israel, Saudi, Russia, India - Exploring Dubai Expo | Junaid Akram


Many of you didn’t get a chance to visit the Dubai Expo, let me take you through other amazing countries - Russia, Saudia, India and Isreal and explore the best of collaboration and innovation from around the world. Check out Nord VPN's exclusive deal: 🤍 Ganjiswag Official Store: 🤍 Wardrobe: 🤍 Support us 🤍 Special Thanks to Our Patrons: ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Abdul Qadir, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Waheed Khan, Abdurrehman Khan, Adeel Abid Khan, Adil Riaz, Affan Malik, Ahmed Memon, Aisha Urooj Khan, Akif Hussain, Ali Ahmad Ansari, Ali Hasnat, Ali Khan, Ali Raza, Ali Shah, Aman Sunesara, Ameer Haider, Ameer Hamza, Ammar Hashmi, Amna Khalid, Amna Urooj, Aqyan Ahmad, Arif Js, Arslan Ejaz, Arslan Naeem, Asad Nafees, Asfand Siddiqui, Ayan Azmat, Bilal Ali, Bilal Amanat, Bilal Khalid, Bilal Sarfaraz, Crayons123, Санаа Реð°Ð·, Danish, Daniyal Ansari, Dawood Amir, Dr. Ausaf Saleem, Ejaz Ahmed, Fahad Ali Fa.Atl, Fahad Masood, Faisal Baloch, Ghawash Turab, Gulshan , Haider Abbas, Haider Qaizar Hussain, Haris Ahmad, Haris Zia, Haroon Khan Niazi, Hassaan Ahmed, Hassan, Hassan Khan, Hassan Mohyuddin, Hira Raza, Hisham Najam, Ibrahim Z, Imad Siddiqui, Imran, Imran Zubairi, Jaggati Khan, Jehan Zaib, Johum Mirza, Kaustav Bhattacharjee, M Sajid, Maaz Mansoor, Mahindhar Kumar, Manny Khan, Maryam, Mashaal Hashmani, Max, Mm, Mohammad Ali Tariq, Mohammad Arfeen, Mohammad Faisal Khan , Mohammad Tahir, Mubashir Bashir, Mudassir Mansoor, Muhammad Fahad Qureshi, Muhammad Junaid Atta, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Saif Uddin, Muhammad Shoaib, Muneeb Zulfiqar, Mustafa Ahmed, Omar Naeem, Qasim Mehdi, Rabi Sohail, Rafae Ahmad, Rayyan Polani, Raza Agha, Rizwan , Rohan Soni, Sã¯Ngh Bal, Saad, Saad Naeem, Saad Zaveri, Sajid Rasool, Sana Khan, Saqib Khan, Sarah Jabeen, Saroo, Shahroo Khawar , Shala , Shamoon Altaf, Shezad Farid, Shoaib Ahmed, Shoaib Tariq, Sikandar Sylvester, Sirajuddin Zaveri, Suhaib Saleem, Sumair.Jp, Syed Ash, Syed Raza, Taimoor Zahid, Tanveer Jeddy, U A , Usama Shahid, Usman Arshad, Uzaif1 Javed, Uzair , Vimal Hemnani, Wali Usmani, Wasif Irfan, Wasim Rashid, Zain Abbas, Zain Shah, Zehra N, Zohaib Rauf. Facebook Supporters: ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Abdullah Afzal, Adil Vohra, Ahmed Raza, Ain R. Muneer, Ali Jaffery, Ali Syed, Alok Yadav, Ammad Amjad Tarar, Amna Akhund, Asim Hasan, Asma Parvez, Bilal Qasim, Faizan Ahmed, Gogloo Yousuf, Hashim Khan, Hira Wahab, Huzaifa Quaizar, Imtiaz Chaudhry, Jawed Ahmed, Junaid Khan, Karan Hilal, Kashif Zain Khan, Lukman Kakar, M Zeeshan Qamar, Mahindar Ghanwani, Mansoor Khan, Mariam Ishaq, Mariam Vatao, Mohammed Adnan Kamal, Muhammad Hadayaq, Muhammad Haroon Rauf, Muhammad Hassaan, Muhammad Hassnain, Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Saleem, Muhannad Siddique, Munazza Zafar, Mustafa Aslam Gaba, Nabeel Ahmed, Oculus Haseeb, Qacim Mehdi, Rabi Sohail, Richard Peter, Saalik Sultan, Salman Siddique, Saman Shahzad, Samina Haider, Samuel Bakhshi, Shahzad Ali Khan, Shahzad Kadiwal, Shams Murtaza Bukhari, Shehzad Hussain, Shermeen Alam, Shoaib Rehman, Syed Ali Rahman, Syed Umair Qaisar, Taimoor Liaquat, Usman Fit, Usman Virk, Uzair Ahmed Chughtai, Vimal Hemnani, Waleed Tahir, Waseem Moin, Zaeem Abbas, Zeeshan Anwar, Zulfiqar Ali Momin. Other Channels: ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Ask Ganjiswag: 🤍 Junaid Akram Shorts: 🤍 GanjiGaming: 🤍 Audio Channels: ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Apple Podcast: 🤍 Google Podcast: 🤍 #DubaiExpo2020

LUXURY Shopping in Dubai | We Went To The Green Planet (Indoor Rainforest)


Ang saya maka-encounter upclose ng wild animals sa green planet at wala ng pila pila all made possible of Klook! 👍 And of couse di mawawala ng shopping experience sa dubai, waldas ng pera 🤑 pero dasuuuurv naman! Reward for ourselves ❤️ DUBAI VLOG DAY 1: 🤍 DAY 2: 🤍 DUBAI GOLD SOUK TOUR: 🤍 HOW IT FEELS LIVING IN DUBAI: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Buy TeamLove Merch on Lazada here: 🤍 Subscribe to my 2nd channel here 🤗 🤍 Please follow my social media accounts: Twitter & Instagram: 🤍BaninayBautista ✨ My official FACEBOOK PAGE: 🤍 Business/ Inquiries/ Bookings: princessvanessabautista🤍

The top 20 activities to do in Dubai | Low, Mid & High Budget


Follow us on INSTAGRAM⚡🤘🏼 → 🤍 🤍 🤍 Where we are staying in Dubai → 🤍 Watch the full vlog of each experience: 1.Aura Sky Pool 🤍 2. Dune Buggy in Dubai desert 🤍 3. SkyDive 🤍 4. Top Golf 🤍 5. Dubai Expo 🤍 6. Global Village 🤍 7. Yacht cruise 🤍 8. Helicopter tour & Hot Air Balloon 🤍 9. Fossil Rock 🤍 10. Jebel Jais 🤍 11. Deep Dive Dubai 🤍 12. Al Forsan Wakeboarding 🤍 13. Ain Dubai Wheel 🤍 14. Dubai Frame 🤍 15. Atlantis Waterpark 🤍 16. Jet Ski Christmas Day 🤍 17. Porsche Event 🤍 18. Dubai mall 🤍 Sub to our other Real Estate channel here! → 🤍 Get a copy of our property investment guide! 📚 You can learn all about how the property purchase process works, how to identify good deals and save thousands on your next property purchase! Click here to download - 🤍 For all business enquires and brand partnerships contact info🤍 Shop our AMAZON store📸 (vlog camera, our home items & more) → 🤍 Check out our Facebook page🤩 - 🤍

Inside The Life of Dubai's Royal Family


Inside The Life of Dubai's Royal Family WATCH NEXT: The Richest Man in Dubai - 🤍 How Much Do The Richest Billionaires Spend on Security? - 🤍 RELATED VIDEOS: Inside The Lives Of Dubai's Royal Family - 🤍 Inside The Life Of Dubai's Richest Family - 🤍 The Al Maktoum family, the royal and ruling family of Dubai, is led by His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai. Although he and his royal family remain hugely popular and loved by the residents of both Dubai and the UAE, many people outside of the country know little about this royal family besides the fact that they are extremely rich. How did they come to power, and how are they so popular? Let's have a closer look at the life of Dubai's royal family. Welcome back to our channel, If you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell, so that you get notified every time we upload a new video! The Al Maktoum family are descendants of the Bani Yas tribe of the area of what is now the UAE, who were the most powerful and strategic of the familial tribes of ancient Arabia. In 1833, around 800 members of the Al Maktoum family branched away from the main Bani Yas family. They took over the Emirate or region of Dubai, establishing themselves as the ruling family of this area. Without any opposition, the Al Maktoum family has ruled Dubai ever since and has now established themselves as the royal family with the titles of Sheikh, roughly translating as "king" in this case. The Sheikh of Dubai now also serves as the Vice President of the UAE, while also serving as the de facto Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Inside The Life of Dubai's Royal Family Welcome to Luxury Zone, On this Channel we share everything about Luxury and help you experience the billionaire lifestyle. We rank the most expensive things in the world and we have a look inside the lives of the wealthiest people on the planet. Consider subscribing for inspiration and luxury experiences! Subscribe -🤍

What Can $100 Get in Dubai (World’s Richest City)


This is what $100 Can get you in Dubai, UAE Subscribe for more travel videos 🤍Brett Conti Follow me on Instagram 🤍brettcconti Subscribe to my Newsletter 🤍 In today's video I showcase what $100 USD can buy you while traveling Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is known for being the richest city of the world but does that mean you can't travel here on a budget? Throughout the video I showcase prices for out hotel, transportation, food, and even explore the old town to get some cheap food Shawarmas. Dubai is an incredible city and I will be posting another video from here next week that will tell the story of how the city became the place it is today in just 40 years. My Camera - 🤍 Where I got the music for this video. Check here for a free trial of Musicbed 🤍 (I get a small kickback if you use my link)



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11 Things NOT to do in Dubai - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!


Dubai probably has some of the craziest rules that I've ever experienced. Given that the UAE is an absolute monarchy, there are a surprising number of things that you can be arrested for. Here is a list of 11 things that you should NOT do, while in Dubai. Support me on Patreon if ya dig what I'm doing: 🤍 You can also check out my website for a FULL list of travel recommendations! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Music: Only Knows - Broke For Free 🤍 Judas Goat - Filastine 🤍 Additional footage by: JazzyChan, le cocktail connoisseur, Magdalena Hill, zabbary, Anders Andersen, Medulla Oblongata, Rafal Niznik, Village Regional, and Qorax Stan a movie by Cal McKinley

Why I'm Going To Dubai...


My friends and I went to Dubai for the Nas Summit 🤍Nas Daily and wow... this has probably been the most important trip I've been on. This is just day 1 so subscribe for more dubai vlogs! My friends in this video: 🤍Vanessa Kanbi 🤍Miss Trudy 🤍WODE MAYA 🤍Nubuke Some of my other videos 🎥: Why I'm Shaving My Head 🤍 I Dated A Stranger For A Day. 🤍 DREAM GIRLS TRIP TO IVORY COAST 2022! 🌴 🤍 My First Time Camping With Strangers! 🤍 Follow me ✨: Instagram:🤍marintiaeiko Snapchat: marintiagw For business inquiries contact me at: marintia.williams🤍 Music: Music by Eric Reprid - No Plan B - 🤍 Music by Nicky Youre - Sunroof - 🤍 Music by sunshine blvd. - Ocean Blue - 🤍 Music by Eric Reprid - No Practice - 🤍 Music by Eric Reprid - Petty King - 🤍 Music by Pick Patek - Sticky Fingers - 🤍 Track: Life Goes On (BTS) Music provided by KpopNoCopyrightMusic Watch and Check Out: 🤍 Source: MRIR License: 🤍

Hoeveel Kost Het duurste Hotel van Dubai?😨


Bedankt lieve mensen voor het kijken naar deze video. Ik hoop dat jullie hem leuk vonden. Je helpt mij enorm door je duimpje omhoog te doen en te abonneren op dit kanaal, zodat je niks mist. Je kan me vinden op de volgende socials: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍



Hi everyone .. As you know, we just finished filming The Real Housewives of Dubai and it was absolutely and down, lots of drama and amazing, powerful and beautiful women with very unique and different stories. Welcome to the new begining of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI! #RHODUBAI This is just a little sneak peek of the show with our thoughts. Thanks for watching! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! :) CAROLINE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: New Podcast every Wednesday | 🤍 Instagram | 🤍 🤍 Facebook | 🤍

NEW SERIES: Your Golden First Look at The Real Housewives of Dubai | Bravo


New show, new housewives, and a whole new way of doing things. In Dubai, it's the women who run things. These aren't your momma's housewives, Habibi, so buckle up! Watch the premiere of Real Housewives of Dubai, June 1st at 9/8c on Bravo and stream next day on Peacock. ►► SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ►► STREAM BRAVO ON PEACOCK HERE: 🤍 ►► WATCH FULL EPISODES NOW: 🤍 ►► VISIT BRAVO’S OFFICIAL SITE: 🤍 #Bravo #RHODubai #RealHousewives #Teaser About The Real Housewives of Dubai: As the first original international iteration of the popular Real Housewives franchise, this series follows a powerful group of lavish women as they run business empires and expertly navigate a highly exclusive social scene within this ultra-luxe Billionaire’s Playground. Whether they’re dining on a mountainside overlooking a valley of 1,000 camels or hosting the wedding event of the year, these ambitious and glamorous women prove everything is more extravagant in the “City of Gold.’” When new group dynamics threaten long-standing friendships, tensions inevitably reach a boiling point, so if you can’t handle the heat... get out of Dubai. Cast: Nina Ali Chanel Ayan Caroline Brooks Sara Al Madani Lesa Mila Caroline Stanbury About Bravo: Bravo is the premier lifestyle and entertainment brand that drives cultural conversation around its high-quality, interactive original content across all platforms. The network has a diverse slate of original programming that includes unscripted favorites such as Emmy Award-winning “Top Chef” and “Project Runway,” “Vanderpump Rules,” “Below Deck,” “Southern Charm,” and the popular “Million Dollar Listing” and “The Real Housewives” franchises. Bravo also boasts the only live late-night talk show on television with the critically acclaimed “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” which has become a nightly destination for A-list celebrities. Bravo is a program service of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal. Watch your favorite dramas, comedies, true crime and reality, plus news, sports and pop culture updates on Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal and the new streaming home for Bravo. 🤍 Get More Bravo: Visit Bravo's Official Site: 🤍 Watch Bravo Full Episodes Here: 🤍 Like Bravo on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Bravo on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Bravo on Instagram: 🤍

Efemero - Dubai


🎶 musicTap on Spotify ➜ 🤍 🎶 We are proudly presenting to you another talented artist Efemero! Perfect eastern vibes & beautiful vocals will make this track be one of your favorites this summer! Enjoy & share the emotion! Follow musicTap Facebook: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Follow Efemero 🤍 🤍 🤍 Video by Samuel Kavanagh 🤍 🤍 Original Video: 🤍 📝For any business enquiries, photo and song submissions or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us - contact🤍 ❌For copyright info please check the ABOUT section of the channel. ✅ The channel has full permission for every upload published.



DUBAI VLOG | ΜΑΣ ΕΚΛΕΨΑΝ | TRAVEL VLOG DUBAI PART2 | AFRODITI PETRINOLI | AFROSTUBE►ΜΠΕΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΡΕΑ ΜΑΣ: 🤍 ΕΚΠΤΩΤΙΚΟΙ ΚΩΔΙΚΟΙ : ☆ Τα κοσμήματα που φοράω σ' όλα μου τα βίντεο είναι από : 🤍 , 🤍 στο instagram CODE : AFROSTUBE10 , -10% ☆ Οι θήκες του κινητού μου είναι από 🤍idealofsweden : 🤍 , CODE : BBPETRI, -15%. ( αν δεν πιάνει ο κωδικός μου στείλε μου μνμ, ανά 3 εβδομάδες ο κωδικός μου ανανεώνεται μπορείς να βρίσκεις πάντα τον νέο στο bio του instagram μου! ) ☆ Ψώνισε και εσύ από 🤍ZAFUL με τον κωιδκό μου APET22 για -22% για τα πιο τέλεια ρούχα! 🤍 ☆ Ψώνισε και εσύ από 🤍LightInTheBox με τον κωιδκό μου AFPE για -15% για όλο τους το e shop από ήδη σπιτιού διακόσμησης μέχρι ρουχα και αξεσουάρ! 🤍 ☆ Σου έχω εξασφαλίσει -25% στο ραντεβού σου με τον διατροφολόγο του fit panda( για μετρήσεις και διατροφή ) 🤍 παίρνοντας τηλέφωνο 210 700 7524. για να κλείσεις το ραντεβού σου, να πεις το. όνομα μου ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ ΠΕΤΡΙΝΟΛΗ ή ότι παρακολούθησες το projectkormi στο youtube και τσούπ πάρε την εκπτωσάρα σου!!! ☆ Στην 🤍LILYSILK 🤍 μπορείς να βρείς τέλεια μεταξωτά ρούχα και να τα κάνεις δικά σου με -12% με τον κωδικό AFRO12 ☆ Για τις τσάντες από 🤍Ecosusi σου έχω εξασφαλίσει σ' όλο τους το eshop -20% έκπτωση με τον κωδικό Afroditi20 . 🤍 ☆ Τα πινέλα μου είναι από 🤍freyara : 🤍 , CODE : afroditi10 , -10% MY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: INSTAGRAM : 🤍 TIK TOK: 🤍 PINTEREST: 🤍 Σε ευχαριστώ για τον χρόνο σου ελπίζω να πέρασες όμορφα, περιμένω σε σχόλιο τις σκέψεις σου! Μέχρι το επόμενο βίντεο να είσαι καλά καιιιιιι να προσέχεις τον εαυτό σου!!! Φιλάκια Afrostubaki μου, For business inquiries only, contact me:🤍 - 🎬FILMED AND EDITED BY ME 🎬 - #travelvlog #afrostube #dubai #afroditipetrinoli #dailyvlog #supermarkethaul #greekvlogger #honeymoon #uae #TOP10THINGSTODOINDUBAI #DUBAIVLOG #DUBAI2022 #DUBAILIFESTYLE #LUXURYVACATION #ντουμπαι #ντουμπαιvlog #afterwedding #uaevlog #covidtravel #luxuryhotels #hotelsindubai #διακοπες2022 #hilton #hiltonroomtour #dubaihilton #safaridesertdubai #burjkhalifatour #safaridubai #burjkhalifa #PART2 #MASKLEPSANE ❝ο βασικός εξοπλισμός μου❞ ➤ Βασική κάμερα: • Canon DSLR 250D • Φακός: 18-55mm DC ➤ Μικρόφωνο Rode ➤ Βλογκ κάμερα: • SONY ZV1 ➤ SUMME VLOG camera • GOPRO HERO7 • GOPRO HERO8 ➤ Πρόγραμμα επεξεργασίας: i-movie (mac) ➤Laptop: •Apple MacBook Air 13" 2019 i5/8GB/256GB Gold (MVFN2GR/A) ➤ Φωτισμός •Ring light led (2) • Softbox Photography Studio • RGB VIDEL LIGHT G3 • PIXEL POCKET VIDEO LIGHT

DUBAI Main Nimbu Chori Kar Liye 😂 | Dubai Series


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IBIZA SUMMER MIX 2022 ↠ New York, Hawaii, Thailand, Dubai, Paradise 🌴 Deep House 2022 🌴 Episode 162


Music makes people's spirits burst into flames...❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥 IBIZA SUMMER MIX 2022 ↠ New York, Hawaii, Thailand, Dubai, Paradise 🌴 Deep House 2022 🌴 Episode 162 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🚫 Green Sound's official youtube channel! 🚫 Click Subscribe: 🤍 🚫 Instagram: 🤍 🚫 Photo by Model: 🤍 🎵 All songs in this Spotify playlist: 🤍 🎵 BE PART OF OUR MUSICAL JOURNEY… #DeepDiscoRecords #ibizasummermix2022 #deephouse #music #greensound ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ Tracklist: 1. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Break Through 🤍 2. GeoM, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Stay Away 🤍 3. Chunkee - Touch Me 🤍 4. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - As We Fly (Marc Philippe Remix) 🤍 5. Marc Philippe - In A Changing World 🤍 6. Chunkee - Break My Heart 🤍 7. Marc Philippe - Pull Up 🤍 8. Chunkee - The Room 🤍 9. Chunkee - Bulletproof 🤍 10. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Looking For You (Chunkee Remix) 🤍 11. Housenick - Feeling Gray(GeoM Remix) 🤍 12. Marc Philippe - Wait For This 🤍 13. Costa Mee - A Moment With You 🤍 14. Marc Philippe - Broken Mess 🤍 15. Pete Bellis _ Tommy, Marc Philippe - To Me 🤍 16. Marc Philippe - Babylon (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix) 🤍 17. Costa Mee - Call Me 🤍 18. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Treat Me Right (Marc Philippe Remix) 🤍 19. Costa Mee - Remembering Your Touch 🤍 20. GeoM - Back To You 🤍 21. Marc Philippe - We Were Younger 🤍 22. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Home 🤍 23. Marc Philippe - Summer Of Love 🤍 24. Marc Philippe - We Were Younger (Housenick Remix) 🤍 25. Chunkee - Withdrawal 🤍 26. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Missing The Way (Costa Mee Remix) 🤍 27. Costa Mee - Angel Heart (Marc Philippe Remix) 🤍 28. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Rise Up 🤍 29. NICCKO - My Way Home 🤍 30. Housenick - Forever Tied 🤍 31. Nando Fortunato - Take Me (Costa Mee Remix) 🤍 ▬▬▬ Credit: ♫ All Tracks in The Mix are from #DeepDiscoRecords » Spotify: 🤍 » Apple Music: 🤍 » Deezer Music: 🤍 ♫ Music by Deep Disco Records » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 ♫ Music by Deep Territory Records: » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 ♫ Follow Pete Bellis & Tommy: » 🤍 ♫ Follow Costa Mee: » 🤍 ♫ Follow Housenick: » 🤍 ♫ Follow Marc Philippe: » 🤍 ♫ Follow NICCKO: » 🤍 ♫ Follow Chunkee: » 🤍 ♫ Follow GeoM: » 🤍 ♫ Follow Nando Fortunato: » 🤍 🎦 Videos by Lilian Pang » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 🎦 Video by ThinLineMedia » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 🎦 Videos by Juhani Sarglep: » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 🎦 Videos by Gavin Beals » 🤍 » 🤍 🎦 Videos by Gaëtan Piolot » 🤍 » Instagram: 🤍gaetanpiolot ▬▬▬▬▬ ⚠ ℕ𝕆𝕋𝔼: 🚫 Green Sound uses all video and music material licensed and authorized by the singer and band. 🚫 If you have any problem with copyright issues, or questions please do not report me, take your time to contact us via mail, and we will respond within 48h 🚫Contact: contact🤍 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.

Arash feat. Helena - One Night In Dubai (Official Video)


Stream/Download Arash’s music ▶ 🤍 Слушай и качай 🤍 ARASH: YouTube | 🤍 Spotify | 🤍 Apple Music | 🤍 Instagram | 🤍 TikTok | 🤍 Facebook | 🤍 Twitter | 🤍 VK | 🤍 Written by: Arash Labaf, Robert Uhlmann, Linnea Deb, Thomas G:son, Stan Nicolae, Baisan Radu, Robert Cristian, Hamidreza Yousefi Produced by: Arash Labaf, Robert Uhlmann, Alex P & Victory, Stan Nicolae & Baisan Radu (Pink Elephant), Robert Cristian Directed by: Roman Burlaca VFX by: Farbod Khoshtinat Video producer: Farzad Bayat Helena vocals recorded by Johan Bejerholm Mastered by Gene Grimaldi Powerhouse 2019 (p) & (c) #Arash​ #Helena #OneNightinDubai

The Richest City in the World | Dubai


The Richest City in the World | Dubai, United Arab Emirates Check out Storyblocks and sign up for their Unlimited All Access Plan: 🤍 Subscribe for more travel videos 🤍Brett Conti Highly recommend doing Platinum Heritage desert safari if you do travel to Dubai 🤍 For renting a car in Dubai check out 🤍 Subscribe to my friends 🤍Peyman Al Awadhi 🤍Aoife Clifford 🤍Lost LeBlanc Dubai is known to be the richest place on earth. A utopia that sits in the Middle East and use to be nothing but desert just some 40 years ago. Today, Dubai is known for its magnificent architecture, exotic cars, beaches, hotels, malls, and quality of life. The city of Dubai currently has over 200 world records in its city… that should be a world record as itself. From the tallest building, the largest manmade island, and the most expensive police force... this place just feels like a giant adult playground. Subscribe to my Newsletter 🤍 Where I get my music from 🤍 My Camera - 🤍

Una notte al Burj Al Arab 🏨 Hotel a 7 STELLE a DUBAI


#hotel7stelle #burjalarab #compleanno Ricordati di iscriverti al canale 🇦🇪 MA'A SALAMA! ► 🤍 e attiva la campanella 🔔 per non perdere i prossimi video Per il mio compleanno, ho realizzato quello che era un sogno che avevo in testa da anni. Passare una notte al Burj Al Arab! Per chi non lo sapesse il Burj al-ʿArab è uno degli hotel più lussuosi del mondo. Situato al largo della spiaggia Jumeirah su un'isola artificiale collegata alla terraferma da un ponte, è caratterizzato dalla sua leggendaria forma a vela ed è uno dei simboli della città. Non a caso per molti è semplicemente "La vela". Il Burj Al Arab è l’emblema di una Dubai non solo moderna, ma anche proiettata nel futuro, di una Dubai da record, di una Dubai che – con il lusso e lo sfarzo – si è costruita una fama mondiale. Tutti i comfort possibili e immaginabili gli hanno permesso di vantarsi – per primo al mondo – di ben 7 stelle (anche se la classificazione ufficiale gliene riconosce solo 5). Ma per me non è stato solo una questione di LUSSO. Per me la "Vela" è sempre stato il simbolo di una città, di un futuro, del mio futuro. Andiamo allora alla scoperta del Burj Al Arab. Seguimi anche in Instagram 👉 🤍 dove trovi contenuti più immediati. Canale Telegram 👉 🤍 📚 Dialetto Emiratino 🤍 📅 Per prenotare una consulenza su apertura società: Email: consulenza🤍 Telegram: 🤍

Dubai: Expectation vs reality - BBC News


Dubai – perhaps the best known city of the United Arab Emirates, with a reputation for attracting the glamorous and the wealthy. But what's going on beneath the surface? The BBC's Frank Gardner explains how not everything is as it seems. Please subscribe HERE 🤍

Xd - DUBAI (Official Video)


♛ Xd - DUBAI (Official Video) 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! → Buy/Stream: 🤍 → Spotify playlist: 🤍 → Apple Music: 🤍 → YouTube Music: 🤍 ♫ Support Lithuania HQ ♫ ● Shop: 🤍 ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Instagram: 🤍 ● Soundcloud: 🤍 ● Twitter: 🤍 ● Snapchat: 🤍 ● Website: 🤍 ● Model: Roberta Šakenytė For any business inquiries, photo and song submissions or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us - Info🤍 0:00 - Hook 1 0:15 - Drop 1 0:47 - Bridge 1:18 - Drop 2 1:48 - Outro #LithuaniaHQ #Xd

Special Dubai VLOG फक्त तुमच्यासाठी⚡Feat. Hot Air Balloon, Desert Safari & More


नमस्कार मित्रानो, आजच्या विडिओमध्ये आम्ही तुम्हाला घेऊन जातोय Dubai ला त्यामुळे हा विडिओ पूर्ण बघा आणि विडिओला लाईक आणि शेअर करायला विसरू नका. #DubaiVlog #Dubai #TrakinTechMarathi For enquires or product promotions get in touch with us on Youtube🤍 Social Media Handles * Follow us on: Web: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitter personal: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 English Trakin Tech Youtube Channel - 🤍

துபாய் Burj Khalifa-வை காணோமா? Dust-ல் மறைந்துபோன உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய கட்டடம் | Dubai | Sand Storm


Dubai Sand Storm: துபாய் Burj Khalifa-வை காணோமா? Dust-ல் மறைந்துபோன உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய கட்டடம் #BurjKhalifa #Dubai #SandStorm Subscribe our channel - 🤍 Visit our site - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

Dubai Jumeirah beach walk 4K hdr 60fps


Jumeirah beach residence, Dubai Dubai drive : 🤍

Dubai Outlet Mall | Walking tour |The Biggest Discount Mall


Dubai Outlet Mall is located at DUBAILAND at Dubai - Al Ain Road Dubai outlet Mall Vlog Walking Tour Crazy Sales on every Outlet #dubaioutletmall #muhammadwithmaryam #outlet #Fashion #lifestyle #dubaiattractions #dubai #Travel #sale #off #leisure #worldtourreviews #dubaicitytour #explore #expo2020 #expo2020dubai #dubai

Its time to say goodbye...our honest review of living in Dubai for 6 months


Follow us on INSTAGRAM⚡🤘🏼 → 🤍 🤍 Watch Next: Viewing apartments in Dubai Marina ($3,000 - $5,000 per month) 🤍 The top 20 activities to do in Dubai | Low, Mid & High Budget 🤍 👨🏽‍🏫 Get access to our trading mentor → 🤍 Subscribe to our other channel here → 🤍 Get a copy of our property investment guide 📚 🤍 For all business enquires and brand partnerships contact info🤍 Check out our Facebook page 🤩 - 🤍

Dubai CityTour - 20 Best Places to Visit in Dubai, UAE


0:00 - Dubai Best visit places 0:34 - Dubai Fountain 1:23 - The Lost Chambers Aquarium 1:57 - Mall of the Emirates 3:02 - Ski Dubai 4:11 - Jumeirah Beach Residence, Marina Beach 5:52 - Dubai City Walk 7:21 - Jumeirah Beach 8:57 - Souk Madinat Jumeirh 10:02 - Dubai Marina 11:50 - Dubai Frame 13:47 - Aquaventure Waterpark 16:31 - Atlantis Beach 17:25 - Dubai Mall 20:08 - Dubai Downtown 22:47 - Ferry Tour 25:24 - Burj Khalifa "At the Top" 28:00 - Dubai Water Canal Waterfall 28:57 - Dubai Creek, Dubai City of Gold 30:44 - Palm Jumeirah Monorail 32:08 - Burj Khalifa Light Show More of my YouTube Videos from Dubai: CASSELLS AL BARSHA HOTEL WALK AROUND 🤍 DUBAI | CITY OF DREAMS | UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 🤍 DUBAI | BURJ KHALIFA LIGHT SHOW | UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 🤍 Dubai Top 10 Free Places To Visit 🤍 Dubai - 4 days in 10 minutes 🤍 DUBAI CITYTOUR - 20 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN DUBAI 🤍 4 DAYS IN DUBAI 🤍 DUBAI IN 4K 🤍 METRO RED LINE 🤍 CARREFOUR MALL OF THE EMIRATES 🤍 MALL OF THE EMIRATES - SKI DUBAI 🤍 DUBAI FRAME 🤍 DUBAI CREEK - ABRA RIDE 🤍 DEIRA - SPICE SOUK, GOLD SOUK 🤍 DUBAI MARINA - EVENING WALK 🤍 THE PALM JUMEIRAH - MONORAIL TO ATLANTIS THE PALM 🤍 ATLANTIS THE PALM - THE LOST CHAMBERS AQUARIUM 🤍 ATLANTIS THE PALM - AQUAVENTURE WATERPARK 🤍 🤍 🤍 CITY WALK DUBAI 🤍 DUBAI MALL 🤍 DUBAI AQUARIUM & UNDERWATER ZOO 🤍 DUBAI FOUNTAIN 🤍 BURJ KHALIFA - AT THE TOP 🤍 BURJ KHALIFA - ABRA BOAT RIDE 🤍 BUS ROUTE no.81 to BURJ AL ARAB 🤍 SOUK MADINAT JUMEIRAH, BURJ AL ARAB 🤍 🤍 JUMEIRAH PUBLIC BEACH 🤍 DUBAI MARINA WALK 🤍 CITY WALK DUBAI 🤍 MARINA FERRY TRIP TO ATLANTIS AND BACK 🤍 DUBAI WATER CANAL, WATERFALL SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD BRIDGE 🤍 The approximate cost of 7 days: Flight to Dubai from Warsaw Return - US$ 450 Emirates Airlines Cassels al Barsha Hoel with breakfast - US$ 500 (7 nights) Metro all lines - day ticket - US$ 8 Burj Khalifa Tickets: Level 124 & 125 - US$ 39 Level 148 - US$ 80 Red Dune Safari Camel Ride & BBQ - US$ 45 Atlantis Aquaventure & Lost Chambers - US$ 53 Burj Lake Ride by Traditional Boat - US$ 20 Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - US$ 37 Monorail to The Palm and return ticket - US$ 17 Street food Deira - US$ 5 -10 Tickets online here 🤍 Thanks for watching OUR EQUIPMENT: ► DIGITAL CAMERA Panasonic Lumix GH5 Nikon Coolpix A 1000 ► MAIN LENSES: Panasonic Lumix G Vario Lens, 12-60MM ► STABILIZER / TRIPOD DJI Ronin-SC Pro Combo Feiyutech G6 Plus ► WATERPROOF ACTION CAMERA GoPro HERO9 Black Copyright © Jack Z. All Rights Reserved ➤Music Licence: Song: LiQWYD - We've Got Time Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 #NoCopyrightMusic #VlogMusic #VlogNoCopyrightMusic

Что ищут прямо сейчас на Дом2 свежие серии
Dubai любимые рецепты Nice легит чит ксго Губернатор купить квартиру в адлере esr метр кузницы марафон желаний куду устроиться сундуки кто последний покинет картонный дом кто последний отправит кто последний останется bhhn кс го читы бесплатно ксения рябинкина биография корейская еда готовим коплю на феррари компост без кучи