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Your Own Fast VPN Server (Free Forever) Setup Tutorial


If you found this useful, please consider buying me a coffee ☕ 🤍 This video demonstrates how to set up an OpenVPN instance on your own server, using Oracle's free tier for cloud hosting. It is a step by step guide, and you can use the commands here to set up your own, completely private VPN. Commands & links used in the video are here: 🤍 This is based on the Oracle developer blog here: 🤍 0:00 Introduction 2:32 Oracle Server Setup 3:07 SSH Setup 3:58 Firewall config 4:52 OpenVPN config 7:45 OpenVPN client setup 8:48 Conclusions

setup a FREE VPN server in the cloud (AWS)


Setup a free VPN server in the AWS cloud using OpenVPN. Want to learn more about AWS? Dive a bit deeper with my course: 🤍 👊👊👊support the mission, join thisisIT: 🤍 ☕☕OFFICIAL NetworkChuck Coffee: 🤍 ☕☕ my FREE CCNA course: 🤍 Join the Discord server: 🤍 🔥🔥Get your CCNA with BOSON🔥🔥 -CCNA Lab: 🤍 (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) -CCNA Practice Exam: 🤍 (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) -CCNP Lab: 🤍 (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) -CCNP Practice Exam: 🤍 (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) ➡️Support NetworkChuck: 🤍 ☕or buy me a coffee: 🤍 ☕ other FANTASTIC CCNA training resources: FULL CCNA course: 🤍 ( 🤍David Bombal ) ITProTV: 🤍 🔥Learn Python🔥 Codecademy: 🤍 (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Store: 🤍 Buy a Raspberry Pi: 🤍 #freevpn #aws #amazonwebservices

How to Install & Setup OpenVPN on Windows 10


In this video we will see How To Install & Setup OpenVPN on Windows 10 . So we will see How to add a OpenVPN for Windows 10. We will add the OpenVPN config file to our Windows 10 fir OpenVPN is the best and most recommended open-source VPN software world-wide. 🤍 🤍 This instructions in this video tutorial can be applied for laptops, desktops, computers, and tablets which run the Windows 10 operating system like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education. This tutorial will work on all hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung. #ProgrammingKnowledge #SetupVPN #VPN #FreeVPN #VPNBook #SetupFreeVPN #Windows10 #WindowsDefender ★★★Top Online Courses From ProgrammingKnowledge ★★★ Python Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Java Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Bash Shell Scripting Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Linux Command Line Tutorials ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 C Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 C Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 PHP Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Android Development Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 C# Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 JavaFx Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 NodeJs Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Jenkins Course For Developers and DevOps ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Scala Programming Tutorial Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Bootstrap Responsive Web Design Tutorial ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 MongoDB Tutorial Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 QT C GUI Tutorial For Beginners ➡️ 🤍 ★★★ Online Courses to learn ★★★ Data Science - 🤍 | 🤍 Machine Learning - 🤍 Artificial Intelligence - 🤍 | 🤍 Data Analytics with R Certification Training- 🤍 DevOps Certification Training - 🤍 AWS Architect Certification Training - 🤍 Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training - 🤍 AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow - 🤍 Big Data Hadoop Certification Training- 🤍 AWS Architect Certification Training - 🤍 Selenium Certification Training - 🤍 Tableau Training & Certification - 🤍 Linux Administration Certification Training-🤍 ★★★ Follow ★★★ My Website - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Topics addressed in this tutorial: How To Set Up OpenVPN on Windows 10 Installation guide for OpenVPN Connect Client on Windows 10 OpenVPN Client Connect For Windows 10 How to manually configure a VPN on Windows 10 How to Set Up a VPN in Windows 10 The best PC VPN for Windows 10 in 2020 How to set up a VPN on Windows 10 Setting Up a VPN Connection on Windows 10 How to configure VPN in Windows 10

How to Setup Free OpenVPN on Windows 11


How to Setup Free OpenVPN on Windows 11 In this video I will show you how to Install & setup OpenVPN on Windows 11 for free. We will add the OpenVPN config file on Windows 11 vpnbook OpenVPN is a community project. 🤍 📃Watch related playlists and videos 🖥️🤍 ❤️ Join Britec YouTube Members: 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more: 🤍 🚩 Connect with me on social: ✅ Follow on Twitter - 🤍 ✅ Follow on Facebook: 🤍 🎬 View my Website: 🤍 💻Discord Access: 🤍 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases: UK 🤍 US 🤍 💯Merch 🤍 #windows11 #openvpn #vpn #vpnbook #free

How to Install & Setup OpenVPN in Windows 10 (2020) | Free VPN service using OpenVPN


In this video, i will show you how to install OpenVPN on a Windows 10 PC. We will connect using a free service from VPNbook, that will allow you to securely connect to many different geographical servers. Time Stamps 0:00 Introduction 0:23 Download 1:00 Installation 3:10 Download configuration file from VPNbook 4:23 Extract config file 4:40 Import config file 5:46 Sign in and connect 6:48 Verify connection 7:25 Disconnect VPN Video Notes: OpenVPN can be downloaded for free from the official website: 🤍 After installing OpenVPN and you to use your own configuration file you can copy it to either path on your PC: C:\Users\[your user]\OpenVPN\config *or* C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config Free VPN service used is by VPNbook, here is a link to the directory: 🤍 Here’s another video to install a VPN using the built in Windows 10 tool: 🤍 ✅ Join Our Community By Subscribing Here: ➟ 🤍 #geekrar #howto #install #OpenVPN #FreeVPN

How to Setup OpenVPN on Windows PC - OpenVPN Server Setup Guide 2022


How to Setup OpenVPN on Windows PC in 2022. It's a step by step OpenVPN Server setup guide that you must know! In this video, I will show you how to install openvpn gui in windows 10 PC.You will get a lifetime free vpn for your windows computer and you will be able to use multiple free servers as per your wish. Download OpenVPN for PC - 🤍 Actually, I have used openvpn gui software here and the server configuration is slightly different than the traditional one. But don't worry, after watching this openvpn tutorial, you will be an expert. Thank you! #OpenVPN #OpenVPNSetup #OpenVPNGui More Related Videos to Watch - ✪ Setup Openvpn on android - 🤍 ✪ Setup a Free VPN on Windows 10 - 🤍

How to Make Your Own VPN (And Why You Would Want to)


Sponsored by Linode! Get $20 credit for your first cloud server or VPS here: 🤍 Text version: 🤍 OpenVPN road warrior installer by Nyr: 🤍 Support the channel: Patreon 🤍 PayPal (one time donation) 🤍 Follow me: Twitter 🤍 GitHub 🤍 Music: Falls - Triboro Memory Theory - Polymath Falls - Magenta Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:28 Everything wrong with the VPN services 05:50 What are the alternatives? 07:39 VPN services vs. Self-hosted VPNs 08:58 Choosing a VPS provider 10:43 My choice of the VPS provider 11:25 Creating an account (The tutorial starts here) 11:45 Creating a VPS 12:37 Generating SSH keys 13:46 Updating the packages 14:07 Creating a non-root user 15:04 Configuring SSH 17:14 Installing and configuring OpenVPN 20:50 Installing mosh 21:14 Two-factor authentication 23:53 Automatic updates 25:11 Conclusion

How to Get OpenVPN Access Server 2.11.0 Unlimited User / Lifetime !!!


If you enjoy watching my video and If you feel this video is helpful please hit the subscribe button and support me for the next video. _ Order Link: 🤍 Get Free Free Trial: 🤍 Free Tools: 🤍 This is a Paid Tool, If You want Free Please Check This video: 🤍 (as 2.5 - 1K Users) How To Buy? Telegram: 🤍 WhatsApp: +1 (984) 358 - 8884 or 🤍 Order Link: 🤍 Tags: Openvpn as 2.11.0 openvpn access server openvpn access server Crack openvpn access server cracked free openvpn server openvpn on digitalocean openvpn licenses key how to install openvpn server. openvpn Centos 7 openvpn free best free vpn server. Vpn panel ocs panel openvpn 2.10.1 openvpn as 2.5 openvpn free licences openvpn licence code #OpenVPN #openvpnconnect #openvpnnlimited #openvpnfree #installopenvpn

Install OpenVPN Server With 1000+ User License - Get 100$ For Free VPS.


If you enjoy watching my video and If you feel this video is helpful please hit the subscribe button and support me for the next video. _ Install Link: 🤍 Get Free VPS 100$ Credit: 🤍 Need to be Updated? OpenVPN Access Server 2.11.0 with 10M User Licenses. Order From Me. Order Link: 🤍 Add New User: useradd Username passwd Username For Full VPN Selling Panel And Any Paid Task: Add Me On Telegram: 🤍 WhatsApp: +1 (984) 358 - 8884 or 🤍 Free Tools : 🤍 Tags: openvpn access server openvpn access server Crack openvpn access server cracked free openvpn server openvpn on digitalocean openvpn licenses key how to install openvpn server. openvpn Centos 7 openvpn free best free vpn server. Vpn panel ocs panel openvpn 2.10.1 openvpn as 2.5 openvpn free licences openvpn licence code #OpenVPN #openvpnconnect #openvpnnlimited #openvpnfree #installopenvpn

openvpn free internet


Free internet Life time 😎 for more information comment me below and subscribe my chaneel join my telegram account to get the file config. and join my Telegram Channel : 🤍 follow Tiktok account: 🤍 #techs #apps #smartphone #hacks #free #internet #computer #ipads #iphone #galaxy #android #3g #simcard #all #netflix

How to Setup OpenVPN for Android | OpenVPN Server Configuration Correctly!


How to Setup OpenVPN for Android Phone. Let me show you the OpenVPN Server configuration correctly. #OpenVPN Download OpenVPN Client - 🤍 You may already know, openvpn is an open-source software, it’s absolutely free to use. And, it is one of the best choices if you are looking for a free android vpn. #OpenVPNForAndroid There are multiple ways to add vpn servers in open vpn client like url, file, proxy and import profile. I have shown you the easiest way. I have also discussed openvpn settings in depth. To setup a connection, at first, you need to download free openvpn servers. And in my experience the most trusted free site is vpn book. And don't worry, I have shown you the step by step tutorial on openvpn server configuration. So, enjoy the video, thank you.

Free OpenVPN with VPNBook + OpenVPN Settings on Android


Using OpenVPN on Android isn't different using OpenVPN on WIndows. But, the disadvantage of using OpenVPN is your connection of internet will be decreased, meanwhile you will get the stable connection and don't get any trouble when you try to connect to the server. Step by step: 1. Open your favorite browser - 00:05. 2. Download the OpenVPN file - 00:27. 3. Open your File Manager - 01:18. 4. Go to download folder - 01:29. 5. Extract the downloaded file - 01:36. 6. Open the OpenVPN app - 02:13. 7. Tap the "FILE" menu - 02:25. 8. Go to the downloaded file location - 02:40. 9. Select the file with tcp-443 suffix - 02:51. 10. Fill the Profile Name - 03:14. 11. Fill the Username with vpnbook - 00:43. 12. Check the Save password box - 03:55. 13. Fill the password box - 05:16. 14. Tap the ADD menu - 05:35. 15. Tap the connect button - 05:55. Thanks for watching. #hiddenlearn #tutorial #windows10pro #android #openvpn #vpnbook #openvpnsettings

How to Install & Configure OpenVPN on Windows for free.


OpenVPN Secure access and network connectivity. It allows you to quickly and easily connect private networks, devices, and servers to build a secure, virtualized modern network. The way it should be. Download Links : OpenVPN Community - 🤍 Free VPN Book - 🤍

How to setup Openvpn in AWS for FREE | Your Own Personal/Corporate Network VPN


How to setup OpenVPN in AWS for FREE This video covers all the details needed to create your own vpn server in aws. The following will be needed: 1. AWS Account 2. VPC Created in AWS 3. EC2 instance created for OpenVPN 4. AWS Elastic IP 5. A couple minutes of your time. Follow along with the blog article as well for other step by step tips and tricks 🤍 Do you have video ideas you would like to see done email: ideas🤍

What is VPN - Installing and Configuring Free OpenVPN Server - Why you need it - ENGLISH VERSION


#vpn #openvpn What is VPN - Why you need it - Installing and Configuring Free OpenVPN Server - ENGLISH VERSION If I able to help you, please support 🤍

5 Best Free VPN & why use one


Learn about the best free VPN services to use to gain access to location restricted content on services like Netflix, get around local censorship in places like China, Russia, and Turkey, and browse the web more privately and securely. In this video, we are look at the 5 best free VPN services. First, we look at why you might want to use a VPN, some of the advantages and disadvantages, and then we'll look at some of the best free options. 💥 SPECIAL OFFER - 51% off NordVPN: 🤍 📚 RESOURCES - Opera web browser: 🤍 - Psiphon: 🤍 - ProtonVPN: 🤍 - PrivadoVPN: 🤍 - Hotspot Shield VPN: 🤍 ⌚ TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction 0:39 VPN benefits & disadvantages 3:15 Opera web browser free VPN 5:56 Psiphon 7:11 ProtonVPN 8:28 PrivadoVPN 9:45 Hotspot Shield 10:55 Wrap up 📺 RELATED VIDEOS - Playlist with all my videos on Best FREE Apps & Sites: 🤍 🙌 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - Hit the THANKS button in any video! - Amazon affiliate link: 🤍 (Purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel the price to you is the same) 🔽 CONNECT WITH ME - Official web site: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Discord: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - TikTok: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 🎒 MY COURSES - Excel for Beginners in under 2 hours: 🤍 🙏 REQUEST VIDEOS 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE 🤍 ⚖ DISCLOSURE Some links are affiliate links. Purchasing through these links gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel. The price to you is the same. #stratvert

Open Vpn free unlimited settings《with fastest sever 2022》


♧hello guys here are the fastest leatest open vpn settings.Hope u enjoy the vide ...dont forget to like,share and subscribe. 》Download the apps from playstore 》Create account on tcp © License Song: Hotham - Sky (Viag No Copyright Music) Video Link: 🤍 Music provided by I Hour Vlog No Copyright Music. Channel: 🤍 #Note :-Full credit to Owners .All images, Pictures, Music show in the video belongs to respected owners 》Disclaimer:-This channel DOES NOT promote or encourage any illegal activities and all content provided by this channel is ment for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. 》Copyright Disclaimer : - Under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976, allowance is mad for FAIR USE for purpose such a as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship research. Fair a use permitted copyright statu at might favor of FAIR USE.

How to Setup Free OpenVPN on Windows 10 | 11


In this video, I will show you how to install and configure OpenVPN on Windows 10 or 11. If you need a secure, encrypted way to access the internet then you need a VPN on your computer.

Connect to your PC from Internet | Safe - Free


How to set up OpenVPN Server on Windows COMMANDS 🤍 Download OpenVPN 🤍 Server server.ovpn file: port 1194 proto udp dev tun ca ca.crt cert server.crt key server.key dh dh.pem server ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt keepalive 10 120 comp-lzo persist-key persist-tun status openvpn-status.log verb 3 Client client.ovpn file: client dev tun proto udp remote PUBLIC_IP 1194 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun ca ca.crt cert client01.crt key client01.key comp-lzo verb 3 Type the following commands to enter inside EasyRSA shell: C:\Windows\system32 cd C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\ EasyRSA-Start.bat Remove existing configuration: ./easyrsa clean-all Initialize pki, and type yes to confirm ./easyrsa init-pki Build certificate authority ./easyrsa build-ca nopass Build server certificate and key ./easyrsa build-server-full server nopass Generate Diffie Hellman parameters : ./easyrsa gen-dh Generating client certificates : ./easyrsa build-client-full client01 nopass Put this files (from C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki, C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki\issued and C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki\private) : ca.crt dh.pem server.crt server.key To C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config-auto and C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folders From the Server get the following files (from C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki, C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki\issued and C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa\pki\private) : ca.crt client01.crt client01.key and paste them to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config Help me 500K subscribers 🤍 #netvn

How to setup and install open VPN for free internet data


This video is about how you can useand setup open VPN for free data internet

Download and run free OpenVPN Servers | Linux users


In this video, I will tell you how to download free OpenVPN servers anytime and you will know how to run it in any Linux System like Kali or Ubuntu....follow the steps to understand how to do that. تقدر تشوف نفس الفيديو باللغة العربية 👇: 🤍 You can Subscribe to the channel from here 👇: 🤍

Setup Your Own Free VPN Server using OpenVPN.


Setup your own OpenVPN server for free on AWS EC2 instance. You can follow same steps to run this on any local linux machine. Make sure to open UDP port 1194 in your firewall rules. Here is the github account for openvpn insatller: 🤍 Here is the Command to download the installer: wget 🤍 -O Here is the link to download the OpenVPN Community Version for Windows: 🤍 Here is the link to download OpenVPN for Mac: 🤍 Here is the link to download OpenVPN for Linux: 🤍 Here is the link to download OpenVPN for Android: 🤍 #VPN #OpenVPN #Linux

How to Make Your Own Free VPN Server in AWS (OpenVPN)


In this video tutorial I will show you guys how to create or build your own free personal VPN Server in your Amazon AWS with the help OpenVPN. Commands: curl -O 🤍 chmod +x ./ Putty Download: 🤍 WinSCP Download: 🤍 Note: This video has followed all the YouTube community guideline rules. The purpose of this video is to share my knowledge with everyone that is totally Legal, Informational and for Educational purpose. I totally do not support any types of illegal acts or videos. The videos are completely for legal purposes. ✅Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 ✅ My YouTube Parts -✅ - 🔵 1. Mic : 🤍 🔵 2. Microphone Stand : 🤍 🔵 3. Headphone : 🤍 🔵 4. Phone : 🤍 🔵 5. Strip LED Light : 🤍 🔵 6. Camera : 🤍 ❣Contact Info❣: - ►Email: tapanhazra606🤍 ►Youtube: 🤍 ►Facebook Page: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 #aws #VPN #FreeVPN

Set up a Free VPN in Kali Linux || Using openvpn with vpnbook


A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs mask your internet protocol (IP) address so your online actions are virtually untraceable. Most important, VPN services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy than even a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. Links: OpenVpn: 🤍 Vpnbook: 🤍 Here are the top 3 Anti-Virus: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Hacking tools Raspberry pi 4 : 🤍 Wi-fi adapter: 🤍 Best Hacking Laptop: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 tags: #freevpn #vpn #kalilinux ╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┗┛ ╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓ ╋╋╋╋╋╋┃┃╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┃┃ ┏━━┳┓┏┫┗━┳━━┳━━┳━┳┫┗━┳━━┓┏┓┏┳━━┓ ┃━━┫┃┃┃┏┓┃━━┫┏━┫┏╋┫┏┓┃┃━┫┃┃┃┃━━┫ ┣━━┃┗┛┃┗┛┣━━┃┗━┫┃┃┃┗┛┃┃━┫┃┗┛┣━━┃ ┗━━┻━━┻━━┻━━┻━━┻┛┗┻━━┻━━┛┗━━┻━━┛

Free VPN on macOS using OpenVPN Software | Part-1


In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use "Free VPN on macOS using OpenVPN Software Part-1" Website Link : 🤍 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Equipment used ➜ Operating system : macOS Monterey Editing Software : Davinci Resolve Screen capture software : OBS Studio ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Content ➜ Intro 00:00 Outro : 08:00 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ macOS Videos ➜ 1. Mac Free VPN Setup | Without Software ➜ 🤍 2. Safari not Working | MacBook, iPhone & iPad ➜ 🤍 3. Reset safari browser to factory default settings on macOS Catalina ➜ 🤍 4. Fastest Free VPN for Windows, Mac & Android ➜ 🤍 5. Reset Safari without opening ➜ 🤍 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Free OpenVPN Websites : 1. FreeopenVPN ➜ 🤍 2. VPN Gate ➜ 🤍 3. VPN Book ➜ 🤍 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ - Recommended Videos : 1. Free lifetime VPN for chrome ➜ 🤍 2. Mac Free VPN Setup without software ➜ 🤍 3. Free VPN Setup windows ➜ 🤍 4. Best Free VPN for Mac ➜ 🤍 5. Fastest Free VPN for Windows, Mac & Android ➜ 🤍 6. Free VPN Lifetime for Windows, Android & Mac ➜ 🤍 7. Lifetime Free VPN on Windows, Android & Mac ➜ 🤍 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ 🖥 Contact Me 🖥💻 - YouTube ➜ 🤍 - Patreon ➜ 🤍 - Twitter ➜ 🤍 - Facebook ➜ 🤍 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! Please note: by clicking any of the above links you are NOT charged extra and in some instances will pay a discounted rate. ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Want to send me something? Harish Kumar PcMac 7/D Bhargava Lane Tis Hazari, Near DDA Flats Delhi - 110054 INDIA THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

Openvpn နဲ႔ အင္တာနက္ဖရီး free သံုးနည္း


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Set up a Free VPN in minutes with Google Cloud and OpenVPN


UPDATE: The only FREE Tier now is "N1" Series f1-micro Direct Link to launch OpenVPN on Google Cloud: 🤍






Prefered Network Sim and Promo • SUN - CTU/CTC and FLP Promo • SMART - AT10/60 Promo Best for : Gaming (tested) Streaming etc. OPENVPN APP LINK • Openvpn Official Client (PC) - 🤍 • OpenVPN portable(PC) credits to szxa21 - 🤍 • OpenVPN Connect for Android - 🤍 • OpenVPN Connect (iOS) download via Apps Store - 🤍 OVPN CONFIG LINK 🤍 Password: anongpassword All credits goes to Emmancus Hit like, share and subscribe if you appreciate my work. Don't forget to click the notification bell icon to be updated for my latest videos.

OpenVPN Install on Oracle OCI Always Free (with IPv6)


In this video, we're setting up OpenVPN on an Oracle OCI Ampere instance. These resources are "Always Free" (apparently) so it's a decent platform to do this on. Yes I am aware that "Oracle OCI" is a tautology. Teleprompter Transcript: 🤍 Links used in the video PuTTY: 🤍 OpenVPN GUI: 🤍 WinRAR: 🤍 7-Zip: 🤍 Oracle Sign Up: 🤍 Webmin: 🤍 Webmin OpenVPN Module: 🤍 Chapters 00:00 Introduction 01:30 Transcript 01:53 Required Software 02:39 Create VPS Folder 03:01 Signup to Oracle OCI 04:33 Create VCN 06:10 Create Subnet 07:30 Internet Gateway 07:49 Route Table 09:02 Security List 11:20 Create Instance 14:45 IPv6 Addresses 17:25 Create Info File 19:08 SSH Keys & PuTTY Login 22:58 Set Account Passwords 24:18 Update Ubuntu 25:09 Enable Packet Forwarding 25:39 Update Main SSL Config 26:33 Install Webmin 27:17 Update Webmin SSL Config 27:52 Install Dependencies 28:10 Edit Linux Firewall 28:39 Reboot 28:58 Log into Webmin 29:56 Install OpenVPN Module 30:31 Edit Module SSL Config 31:04 Create VPN CA 31:30 Create VPN Keys 32:06 Create VPN Instance 34:22 Add Client Keys 35:45 Download & Install Client Keys 37:02 Configure Linux Firewall 38:23 Modify IPv4 Client Config 39:06 Test VPN

How to setup a free VPN - OpenVPN


How to set up a VPN using openVPN. OpenVPN link: 🤍 How to setup OpenVPN: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 GitHub:

How to Setup FREE VPN In AWS | Configure OpenVPN Server In AWS | AWS VPN Tutorials For Beginners


In this video you will learn how to How To Setup A Free VPN server in AWS ec2 instance India Region and connect through it to another aws ec2 ubuntu instance in N.Virginia region. Step by step you will control the knowledge of how to set your own vpn server for free using Top cloud technologies like AWS, Ec2 instances, OpenVPN server, etc... = Video Related Links [00:00] Intro [00:15] What is VPN [01:48] launching openvpn aws ec2 instance in India - free [04:16] How to Connect to aws ec2 instance (Our Openvpn server) [04:53] Configuring openvpn in aws [07:08] Download and install openvpn client on mac [08:07] Connect to openvpn aws server via openvpn client [10:12] Connect to aws ec2 instance through VPN server = Support Leave a comment below and I or someone else can help you. Thanks for all your support! = Tech stack AWS AWS EC2 AWS OPENVPN OPENVPN CLIENT Ubuntu 20 #aws #freevpn #openvpn #cloud #cloudcomputing #tutorial #vpn #vpntrick

How to setup Free VPN on Android with OpenVPN !


Hello friends, In this video I will be showing you how you can setup free VPN on your android device with OpenVPN. Download OpenVPN client ⏩ 🤍 OpenVpn ⏩ 🤍 Subscribe ⏩ 🤍 Blog ⏩ 🤍 Telegram ⏩ 🤍 #vpn #openvpn

how to get free indian vpn server for free 2022 🔐(Asian, Europe & America VPN)


if you are looking for the Free PAKISTAN/INDIAN VPN then watch this video till end and you will get free premium vpn servers account. Best VPN Service OpenVPN SSL/TLS and PPTP VPN Account Your Online Internet is Protect | Secure your privacy | Hight Security and Insurance Optimum Performance Best VPN for Android, Iphone, Windows, IOS and Mac Topic address in this Video: Asian Countries VPN for free, PAKISTAN VPN servers for free, INDIAN vpn servers for free, Europe Countries free VPN servers, America Countries Free Vpn servers, Fast and secure Premium VPN servers account 100% free Free VPN website: 🤍 VPN connector: 🤍 ▶ Other Related Tutorials: 1- Nvidia Secrets Tricks: Best FPS Settings that Blow UP your FPS [ Smooth Gameplay ] 🤍 2- What is rammap and why its important for 4gb ram user: 🤍 3- how to fix voice changer Clownfish is not working on windows 10: 🤍 4- a connection to the remote computer could not be established vpn windows 10, 🤍 5- how to stop Microsoft Edge browser Still running on the background 🤍 6- Secure your Internet, Change your public ip address (Reduce Gaming Latency) 🤍 7- male to female voice changer for pc (2 best free voice changer) 🤍 8- 3 Methods: Get maximum performance from GPU while Gaming 🤍 9- fix windows 10/11 update error codes 🤍 10- VPN : Use VPN without App | Android | Easy and Free 🤍 11- Improve your PC gaming experience with efficiency mode 🤍 ▶ Windows Fixer Video Tutorials are working on all Microsoft Operating System And there's nothing Difference like " Dell, Asus, HP, Pc/Laptop, Some Tutorials are also Mentioned For " Mac, iOS, Android Mobiles or Even NoteBook" Feel free to Comment Below your Error According to This Statement. 🤞Don't Forget to Subscribe 🌹 || LIKE || COMMENT || SHARE💖 ▶ Thanks For #watching 💎

如何在 Windows 上安装 设置 OpenVPN,附免费VPN节点和使用教程 | 零度解说


【更多资源】▶🤍 【零度博客】▶🤍 【加入会员】▶🤍 【TG电报】▶🤍 - 🔔 OpenVPN客戶端下载+免費VPN节点 : 🤍 OpenVPN一键安装命令(Linux): 🤍 Vultr优惠链接.🤍 搬瓦工优惠链接:🤍 🔰 安全VPN推荐(排名前3): 1.ExpressVPN:🤍 2.Surfshark :🤍 3.PureVPN:🤍 🚀VPS推荐(可自建梯子): 1.🤍 (首次充值25美金会赠送100美金) 💓 回国加速:🤍 💰比特币交易平台 1.火币网 : 🤍 2.币安网 : 🤍 3.Localbitcoins : 🤍 4.门罗币:🤍 5.最安全的冷钱包:🤍 = 📷【我的视频拍摄器材】🛕 1.相机 :🤍 2.麦克风:🤍 🤍 3.补光灯:🤍 4.柔光箱:🤍 5.无线麦:🤍 ✅我的下载工具(IDM正版渠道):🤍 - 学会这7招,Google搜索一秒搜到心坎里!🤍 精选五款谷歌浏览器插件!这5款Chrome的应用保证你爱不释手!🤍 切勿安装这五款最流氓的软件!否则有意想不到的后 🤍 Windows 10务必删除这五大缓存,提升电脑速度非常显著! 🤍 Chrome OS安装教程,让闲置的笔记本,台式机变废为宝!保证成功! 🤍 Windows 10系统重大更新,免费升级免费激活方式! 20H2 🤍 Chrome OS安装教程,让闲置的笔记本,台式机变废为宝! 🤍 Ubuntu 真正免费、开源的操作系统! 附最新安装教程+安全设置 🤍 五款非常牛的免费软件,你可能真的没用过! 🤍 免费注册虚拟手机号,注重个人隐私更安全! 🤍 五款最安全的聊天软件,端到端加密让通信更安全更放心! 🤍 排名前十的免费软件,电脑软件良心推荐! 🤍 这5款免费软件,能让你的电脑变的更强大更专业! 🤍 bt种子下载工具,不限速,这几款都是真正好用的B/T下载软件 🤍 如何让电脑更安全 🤍 五款最安全的聊天软件 🤍 免费在线看电影 🤍 5款非常棒的免费软件 🤍 这些免费软件希望你早点知道 🤍 💞 国内观众加入会员:🤍

How to Setup VPN on DigitalOcean | Build Free VPN | OpenVPN Server


I didn't think there is any need to explain to why you need VPN, if you are on internet and a bit concern about your privacy, you definitely need VPN. If you want to use VPN, there is no necessary need to deploy your own. You can use VPN services provided by several companies in the market, and almost all VPN companies claim that they have a strict "No Log" policy. Which means they didn't store or sell your browsing data to the third party or any governmental-non governmental authorities. But we don't know exactly what is happening in the background. So in that scenerios, it's better to rather use someone's else platform, build your own and believe me, it's super easy. In this video I will show you how we can install and setup our own VPN server with the help of OpenVPN on our Ubuntu Server. ⭐Offers⭐ 🎁Claim $100 Free Credits on DigitalOcean: 🤍 🎁Claim $100 Free Credits on Linode: 🤍 🎁Claim $100 Free Credits on Vultr: 🤍 ✅For any further queries or suggestions, feel free to drop and email on hello🤍 ✅You can follow and contact me on social media as well: 👉Instagram: 🤍 👉Facebook: 🤍 👉LinkedIn: 🤍 👉Twitter: 🤍

Cara Dapat VPN FREE !!! // OpenVPN // Virtual Private Network


saja je nak bagitau, bahaya ambil config dari internet. tapi pakai jelaa dah orang kasi HAHAHAHAHA

Free internet on IOS devices! | Openvpn


Hey whats up bro's! amber here and i'm going to start your day with my latest tutorial! free net for all!! Wahahaha in this tutorial i will teach you how to get free internet on ios devices LINKS: openvpn connect: 🤍 documents 5: 🤍 code that needs to be copied: http-proxy 80 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER host http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER X-Online-host come on! smash that like button, i know you liked the video haha comment down if you have further questions and requests and of course SUBSCRIBE for more!!

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