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Click the link to pre register for Runescape 3 mobile today and get epic rewards! - 🤍rs.game/RSMobileTheLazyPeon TitanReach is a new upcoming third person Runescape style MMORPG that I initially covered on my channel in July 2020, since then the game went to kickstarter where it raised $143,000 of it's 450k funding goal, Despite not hitting their kickstarter goal TitanReach continued forward with private funding via their own website raising 180k USD to date. In this video I jump back in to revisit TitanReach to see what progress has been made with the game so far since the last time I covered it. What do you think about TitanReach so far based on the past 10 months of progress and the overall vision of the game? what would you do to improve it? let me know in the comments below! -Links- ► ExitLag: 🤍exitl.ag/lazypeon​​​​​​​​ The best ping booster on the market and a must for SEA/OCE MMO players connecting to foreign game servers, code TheLazyPeon for 20% off ► Twitch TV: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/the_lazy_peon​​​... ► Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/TheLazyPeon​ ► TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍thelazypeon​ ► Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/The_Lazy_Peon​ ► Instagram Personal: 🤍🤍instagram.com/craigtlp​ ► Instagram Gaming: 🤍🤍instagram.com/thelazypeonyt​ ► Edited By: 🤍🤍youtube.com/heedun​​​​​​ -TitanReach MMORPG Description- What is TitanReach? TitanReach is a fantasy medieval-style MMORPG with a deep skilling system and a dynamic action combat system. How do I play the game? The game is currently available through our Early Access. Early Access is aimed at the most dedicated members of our community as a way to get them involved in the development process, it is not equivalent to a Steam Early Access release. You can stream & write about the game without an NDA during this time. We’d like to remind you TitanReach is in early development, certain mechanics are not fully implemented and what you are seeing is just the beginning of what we expect to add by the games launch. What state of development are you in? We are in open early development (pre-alpha). We are working on the foundations of core systems such as questing, combat and skilling. We are continually working to add new areas and content to the world. How often will we be getting updates to the game during the Early Access? We are aiming to release weekly updates to Early Access, although this early in development there are likely to be delays. What are the key features of TitanReach? - Explore the massive open world of Alyssia - Level up in 20 unique skills, unlocking new content all the way to level 100 - Master our fast paced, dynamic action combat system - Learn the story of TitanReach through complex, engaging quests - Play alongside friends, meet new people and forge alliances in player-owned guilds - Take part in a player driven economy: every item is gathered or crafted by players - Battle epic bosses, or strategically hunt slayer bounties - Duel other players in intense PvP combat - Build your character your way, there is no class system to restrict you How will combat work? TitanReach will feature an action combat system. To prevail you will need to carefully aim your attacks while evading the strikes of your enemies. You also have a limited set of abilities available at one time, making your choices individual and influential. Can I create a pure account? Yes you can! Your combat level is affected by all your combat skills, and you can choose which to train at any one time. We are looking forward to seeing what people will come up with! What will quests be like? TitaReach will focus on quests which feature a complex and detailed narrative. The story throughout a quest will always feel engaging even if it isn’t related to the grand-lore of the game. We dislike the simplicity of “kill 3 ogres”, “collect 5 apples”; quests should feel like a journey, not a chore. What will the end-game content be? TitanReach will include world bosses, instanced style raids and dungeons. The Slayer skill will also provide unique challenges to high level players. What is the planned release date for TitanReach? We are aiming to release by Q4, 2022. How will I pay for TitanReach? On release, the game will feature a low-cost subscription model. Monthly game time is valued at around $11 AUD monthly, which is roughly $8 USD. How big is the team? The team is made up of 14 members. -Tags- titanreach, titan reach, mmorpg, titanreach mmo, titanreach gameplay, titanreach kickstarter, titan reach trailer, new upcoming MMORPG, TheLazyPeon, TitanReach 2021, Third Person Runescape, Dungeons, PVE, PVP, Skilling, Runescape 3 #MMORPG #TitanReach #Runescape TitanReach In 2021 - New Upcoming MMORPG 🤍youtu.be/KGTwiuPErWQ

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TitanReach In 2021 - New Upcoming MMORPG
TitanReach In 2021 - New Upcoming MMORPG
TitanReach In 2021 - New Upcoming MMORPG
TitanReach In 2021 - New Upcoming MMORPG
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2022-02-20 23:30:44

ahahaha how the turn tables

2022-02-19 10:43:18

Sad, that titanreach will not exist anyways :(

Matt Elmore
2022-02-19 10:07:43

Lol rip

eze ess
2022-02-18 06:38:07

lol more drama on this game

Ados Trik
2022-02-18 02:08:09


2022-02-17 21:46:18


Muhammet Zencirli
2022-02-17 17:34:58

Remove this video. The developer took the coins and ran away. Do not be an instrument of fraud.

Apocalypse Maow
2022-02-17 10:22:13

lol rip this "project"

Andrew Johnson
2022-02-11 15:56:12

Unravel just shutdown the studio and ended the project. RIP the Titanreach dream. Thank you to everyone but Unravel who worked on the project. It had so much promise and could have been fantastic

Billy The Goat
2022-02-11 14:52:08

PepeLaugh oh no no no

2022-01-02 12:24:15

one thing i dont agree with is your attack strength and defense comment. you know so many games have stats, basically all. That was a really not necessary comment. Sure not many games rely on your own stats like runescape that go to 99, but the weapons in rs have stats too. Games like WoW your character has stats but you cant tweak them yourself, also armour and weapons have stats in WoW so i dont know what your point even was.

2021-12-15 06:12:55

About the MMO you are thinking of making i think many of us are waiting for a NEW WORLD combat style MMO but the game should be like tibia long time ago or runescape like you say i think that game would make everyone play it secret quests training with friends making runes to hunt hunt with teams selling items you loot verry rare items that are so rare to get that it takes you years or maby one item per server lol secret quests in the world :) guilds owning citys and so on so on i would love to play that game i was so happy about NEW WORLD and its fun but they dont know how to make a long lasting mmo im sorry to say that :(

Michael Lavery
2021-11-15 12:42:56

how do i download it :c

2021-11-04 00:09:27

amazon is a good example of money not bringing a good product, new world sucks ass, it's literally garbage for how much money it has behind it, they could hire anyone, thought carefully about the game, planned & relaxed while working on something great, but what we get is a team of retards making a barely acceptable product which by the way had major issues & probably still does

you'll truly never get a good product unless people are working for the game & not the money, money should be what allows you to continue working on the game, not the reason you work on it

2021-11-03 23:55:38

from what i saw in this video
this game looks like it has been worked on for 7 days max with a team consisting of:
1 map builder
1 overall 3d modeler who does most of the 3d work for the game
1 shit animator
1 coder

180,000 usd can amount up to a LOT more than this, as a developer i can say that easily, these idiots are not making good use of their money at all, 180k is enough for a game of this quality, they were given an opportunity and from what i'm seeing, they blew it

i'm making a game with friends and since we know how to deal with communities, managing them, hyping them & build them and use our connections, expand our connections & work hard we're able to make a good game with literally 0 funding, it baffles me how people with 180k are this helpless and incompetent & unproductive, it's frustrating to see people given an opportunity just to go "eh" once they have it and half ass it

it looks to me like a bunch of incompetent devs fed off of the runescape community promising them a game that they couldn't make

Mister Player Play
2021-10-25 06:21:45

From were downloaded

2021-10-17 07:58:00

KGTwiuPErWQ&t=9m22s 9:22 I actually died lmao

2021-10-08 10:54:46

These npcs are from Eskimo Callboys We Got the Moves.

Late Night
2021-10-07 23:50:51

how do i play i signed up theres no way to play though?

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