Jerad Gardner, MD


I am a dermatopathologist & section head of bone/soft tissue pathology at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania. A complete organized library of all my videos, digital slides, pics, & sample pathology reports is available here: (dermpath) & (bone/soft tissue sarcoma pathology). Disclaimer: My videos are for education only and represent my personal opinions (as of the time the video was made). Watching these videos does NOT mean that I am your doctor or that I have given you a consultation or medical advice. If you are a patient, talk to your doctor for medical advice. If you are a doctor, do your own research and fact checking and be responsible for how you choose to practice medicine (this is YouTube, not PubMed!).

pathology dermatopathology dermpath sarcoma bone "soft tissue" tumors cancer medicine medical school student usmle

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